The Dube Chute

Working with cattle for 30 years, I saw a need for a better squeeze chute,.  So I designed one.  I made lots of changes & improvements to develop a product that suits the needs of all cattle of any size.  My chute has palpation gates on both ends, let down openings for branding, casteration,  & milking.  Great for vacinations, worming, ear tagging, horn measurement, AI breeding & what ever needed.  The Dube Chute is also great for loading & unloading livestock with ease. 

It is constructed of heavy 2 3/8" pipe & primed.  I also sell panels & accessories to customize you pen & chute.  The products are all portable, so it can be moved to suit your needs. The Dube Chute come in two sizes.  The larger one is 101" in length x 72" in width and it is 8' tall.  It fits on a flatbed trailer for transport.  The Econo Chute is 3'x9'x6' tall. It can be hauled in a livestock trailer. Many features & accessories can be customized to your set up needs.  Bobby does not charge for his advice, but he does charge for delivery and set up. 

We are located at 2266 CR 117, 5 miles north of Giddings, 78942 You can reach Bobby on his cell phone at 979-249-6293, or email him a  He will be more than happy to visit with you and help your livestock setup.